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S.N.O. Culture Summit II: For the LOVE of the Culture

The Culture Summit II was a 1 day event with the goal of bringing every aspect of urban culture under one roof. Creating a positive space for musicians, fashion brands, shoe brands, and artists to collectively engage like-minded people.

We curated 30 art collectives to represent in our second Summit. Following our last summit, we built on the momentum and hit the goals we sought in terms of people attending and branding. The formula of having these creatives in one space proved to be a great mix again and had great responses from everyone involved. Thank you to everyone who attended and supported these amazing brands and their work.

Performances By


Kahlil Simplis



Prophet Boy

Blaccolar Band

MC: Onye


Millers Room

Better Days

Malibu Juice Club

Brand Seen

Childhood Visionary


Luxe Grillz

Known Name Co.

All My Love

Late Night Drives

Social Studies Brand

Chateau Seven


Yana Boutique

Reckless Hype


Flagrant Foul - Mendys Bar

TLC - Live Well Products

Good Consumption - Art

Saint Moses - Art


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