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To 1 year of S.N.O. Culture...

Happy 1 Year of S.N.O. Culture and to everyone that has trusted and believed in us to make this happen.

1 year ago today we had an idea that we had no clue where to start. We just knew we wanted to help people connect and build something organically.

We sought and accomplished this in 1 year building something we are very proud of.

From the Culture Summit Series, the On the Rox party series to our first ever charity event that helped hundreds of children in the art space and our first ever showcase produced at the Peppermint Club. This has been a fulfilling year to show us what can accomplish.

Thank you to every sponsor, vendor, venue and artists that has helped us every single step of the way. This process has given us the upmost gratitude for being able to accomplish some of our goals this year. This was an ALL of us thing and we can’t imagine where the idea of “S.N.O. Culture” would be if we didn’t have an amazing group of friends, family, and community standing behind us every step of the way.

Thank you and Happy 1 Year of S.N.O. Culture

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